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When It Rains, It Pours Positivity

Eau Claire Morning Rotary Club shares sunny messages during morning rain storm

Evelyn Nelson |

<strong>SUNNY SIDE UP.</strong> The Eau Claire Morning Rotary created some sunshiny artwork for locals to enjoy on the morning of Monday, Oct. 12.
SUNNY SIDE UP. The Eau Claire Morning Rotary created some sunshiney artwork for locals to enjoy when it rains.

If you’re in downtown Eau Claire, start out this rainy week on the right foot by searching for upbeat messages like “Singing in the rain” and “You’re never too old to have fun,” which appeared sprinkled across the sidewalk on this rainy Monday.

The newly installed “rain-activated messages” are a tribute from the Eau Claire Morning Rotary to encourage and foster community service in Eau Claire. 

We were trying to come up with something we can do that is safe.

Tom Giles

Treasurer, Rotary Club

“A lot of the activities that we normally would be doing – meeting together in person – aren’t happening anywhere else,” said Tom Giles, treasurer of the Rotary Club. “We were trying to come up with something we can do that is safe. It’s not a money-making project for us. It’s something that’s fun, it’s different, and (it has) not been done around here.” 

The Eau Claire Morning Rotary is a community organization that provides assistance and donations to nonprofit organizations in the community such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Boys and Girls Club, and Sojourner House.With a lack of opportunities to hold events and fundraise during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sarah Stackhouse, youth exchange committee organizer, thought of the sunny idea to share positive messages with locals – despite the rainy weather. 

The messages can be found all across the downtown area, including the Pablo Center at the Confluence, Eau Claire Fire and Rescue Station 2, the Grand Avenue walking bridge, and more. Giles said the spray used for the art is environmentally conscious, friendly to soil and plants when fading away, and will last from two to four months after it’s initially placed. 

“When it rains, the spray repels the water, which keeps the concrete its original color when it is not raining,” Giles said. “The contrast of (the water and spray) is what shows the artwork.”

Visit the Eau Claire Morning Rotary Facebook page for continual updates on the sidewalk art and future events.