Get Ready to Travel In Style With Modern Lifestyle Luggage

Chippewa Valley entrepreneur launches own brand

Caitlin Boyle |

The Ketchbag (Submitted photo)
The Ketchbag (Submitted photos)

Before COVID-19, travel was a luxury. The one downside, however, was packing. Many people travel with several bags, which can make their journey stressful and difficult. One local woman seeks to make traveling a one-bag journey with her new business, Modern Lifestyle Luggage.

Modern Lifestyle Luggage is the brainchild of Cece Ketcham. It’s the first hybrid, multi-functional travel bag and luggage company in the Chippewa Valley. While the company’s launch is currently underway, it started in 2016 after Ketcham grew tired of carrying two to six bags a day while trying to stay organized in her busy life.

“What I used to carry inspired me to go on this journey inventing and engineering new bags and luggage to accommodate our modern lifestyles with better functionality and style,” Ketcham said. “So we can ... look professional no matter where we go; it looks great.”

“So we can ... look professional no matter where we go; it looks great.”

Cece Ketcham

founder, Modern Lifestyle Luggage

Ketcham’s creation is called the “Ketchbag.” It has 35 compartments and is easy to convert into a carry-on travel bag weighing just 5 pounds. It’s designed to be used at home, at the gym, or for a night out. As an added bonus, Modern Lifestyle Luggage products are manufactured in North America.

Ketcham has big plans for the company’s future, including releasing new products that include a women’s leather clutch, jewelry bag, women’s work tote, luggage in small, medium and large sizes, and a men’s collection in black – along with many other items. The company’s warehouse facility will be expanded to eventually manufacture items in Eau Claire. Ketcham outsources to a bag manufacturer because there is no one who can make her products locally, she said. She also plans to look into other leather, vegan leather, canvas, and recyclable products.

After four years, Ketcham is excited to bring a unique and functional collection that will positively impact each person. She appreciates all the love and support the business has received and continues to find ways to make a difference.

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