Get Geared for the Election: JONAH Debuts Voter Program

effort aimed at voter education

Julie Quinn, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

Joining Our Neighbors Advancing Hope (JONAH) recently debuted a regional voter program and are seeking Relational Voter Program leaders to inform individuals about upcoming elections, polling locations, and any additional voting information a person may have.

“It’s important if voting matters to you,” said Lynn Buske, an organizer at JONAH, a faith-based community group that focuses on addressing the causes of injustice and poverty. “We want everyone that has the ability to vote to vote safely.”

Participation in the program offers a stipend of $50 each time an RVP leader contacts 20 people. For tech-savvy participants, simply download the Empower (MyRVP) app on your smartphone, sign up with an email or phone number, enter the code “Wisdom,” and select the contacts you wish to call, text, Facebook message, or WhatsApp.

To receive compensation, RVP leaders must submit proof of communication. Anyone in the state of Wisconsin is welcome to participate in the program, including individuals who are not yet 18. For more information contact RVP assistant, Perla Martinez at or (715) 497-8732.

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