Uncommon Denominator Covers Lizzo in New Visual

a little ‘Juice’ to close out your summer

Eric Christenson |

“COVID-19 stole all of our gigs so we decided to do some quarantine fun to keep the energy going!” So says the description of a new video by Eau Claire band Uncommon Denominator, who cover any song of any genre as long as it’s just that – fun. And with the visuals for their new cover of Lizzo’s hit song “Juice,” you can tell the eight-person band is hitting their stride with a new level of confidence and camaraderie.

The video, shot and directed by Rebecca Johnson, finds the band stuffed into a van, grooving by an abandoned waterslide, on the tennis court, at the skate park – bringing the party everywhere they go.

“Our foundation is simple,” they say. “We are a group of friends that united over a passion for playing music that is fun. And we love sharing that with our audiences.”

If they can’t do it in a live setting for now, it’s clear the young band will find a way to do it any way they can.

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