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Cream or Sugar

You don’t have much sex these days,
you're more like a small part
of other pastimes –

like waltzing,
but not leading.

Later, at a cafe,
the waiter brings coffee.

You look up vaguely with thanks,
even he understands you have needs.

Under Glass

A chilly early evening
moon is rising

fingers brush this city
in pieces.

without touching

your beautiful hair falls

our air spreads thin
like tiny parts of speech


Tim J Brennan’s poetry can be found in many places including Twig, Up North, The Lake (U.K.), SDSU’s Oakwood, KAXE public radio, Volume One, Barstow & Grand and he is a two time winner of the Talking Stick poetry prize. Brennan’s one act plays have played across the United States, including stages in Milwaukee; Colorado Springs; Ypsilanti, Mich.; Waxhaw, N.C.; Taos, N.M.; Chagrin Falls, Ohio; and Lexington, Ky. Follow this link for more by Tim.



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