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Crunching the Numbers

notable stats and figures from the last few weeks

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The number of new residential units built in the city of Eau Claire last year. That was a 50% increase from the previous year and the city’s highest total since 2002.



The number of single family homes built last year in the city, more than in any year since 2006. Forty-one were on the west side, more than in any other area of the city.



As of Sept. 1, the number of positive COVID-19 cases diagnosed in Eau Claire County since the pandemic began. This was a 70% increase from a month earlier.



As of Sept. 1, the share of Eau Claire residents with positive COVID-19 diagnoses who are between the ages of 20 and 29. Statewide, only 25% of cases were among that age group.


Sources: City of Eau Claire 2019 Development Map and Report, Wisconsin Department of Health Services.