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CCFBank: It’s Easy to Manage Money With CCFBank’s Robust Online Options

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CCFBank has always made interactive personal experiences a priority at each of their 28 branches. But, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March, they quickly pivoted to focus on new options in order to make banking easier for their local clientele.

“COVID-19 was a tough deal,” said Tyler Tomesh, the Chief Banking Officer at CCFBank. “It impacted a lot of businesses; it impacted all of us in some way, shape, or form. And it’s been an opportunity for CCF to look at the business and make changes that will allow us to deliver our products and services to our customers if we ever experience this again.”

“It’s been a way for us to focus on moving forward.”

Specifically, the bank has put an increased focus on their online banking options, which are of paramount importance to managing money during self-quarantine times. Some of their virtual options include bill pay, E-alerts, mobile banking with mobile deposit, E-statements, PopMoney (P2P payments), Financial Institution Transfers, Stop Payments, and Credit Card Portal options. People can easily enroll via a computer, tablet, or phone. They also have friendly personal bankers and a customer support center available to help with setting up online banking. But their integrative approach to banking doesn’t stop there.

CCF has found that their customers are becoming more reliant on such virtual options, so CCFBank is working to create more robust online experiences. The pandemic gave them the perfect opportunity to reconsider how their platform and delivery channel has changed, as well as how to adapt to the times. “The customer experience is different,” Tomesh said.

Instead of solely face-to-face interactions at the bank, they offer Zoom calls, drive-thru options, and tutorial videos. They also offer bank-by-appointment options – with physical distancing and face mask policies in place. Their branches, Tomesh said, are their assets. As opposed to online-only banks, they offer the personal touch needed to help people successfully navigate the financial environment – especially during times when money can be tight. 

CCFBank's Chief Banking Officer, Tyler Tomesh
CCFBank's Chief Banking Officer, Tyler Tomesh

“What we’ve found is the impetus for change has been the pandemic,” Tomesh said. “Folks that were maybe a bit resistant to using our digital platform and to try things on their own have made the conscious decision that they are going to use our online products and services because now they know that they’re available.”

By investing in local staff and technology, CCFBank has the ability to appeal to all age demographics. They’re looking to expand their products and services to offer banking a number of different ways, whether that’s face-to-face, through the phone, or in a chatroom. It’s one of the many reasons they call CCFBank the branch of the future.

“It’s been a way for us to focus on moving forward,” Tomesh said.

Moving forward is one of the core values of CCFBank, which has seen a number of fluctuations in the economy since opening its first branch in Altoona in 1938. From rising and falling interest rates, evolving loan and deposit products, changes in the makeup of their locations, and increasing regulatory and compliance demands, they’ve continued to make their CCF footprint, creating more opportunities for financial success for Chippewa Valley residents.

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