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Online Scavenger Hunt Tests Your Downtown Knowledge – at a Safe Distance

Tom Giffey |

A couple of the scavenger hunt answers from DECI's Facebook page.
A couple of the scavenger hunt answers from DECI's Facebook page.

Do you A) have some time on your hands right now, B) know a bit about downtown Eau Claire, C) like gifts cards, or D) all of the above?

If your answer is “D,” we’ve got an online game for you: Downtown Eau Claire Inc.’s Downtown Scavenger Hunt on Facebook. At 8am daily Monday through Friday, DECI – the nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the vitality of Eau Claire’s downtown – posts a clue about a downtown business, location, or structure. To play, just reply to the Facebook post with your answer by 5pm the same day; correct answers will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card from a DECI member (which can help you dine, drink or shop when the state’s “Safer at Home” status is lifted). You can even double your chances of winning by posting a photo of the correct answer!

Here’s a recent clue to get your warmed up: “How do you like your coffee? With cream and sugar or perhaps ‘Back in Black’? This coffee shop serves it however you’d like!”

(If you’re a lover of coffee or classic rock, you probably know the answer: Eau Claire Downtown Coffee – also known as ECDC!)

Here’s another: “Enjoy a glass of wine with your dinner here – but the main attraction is the action on the big screen.”

(If you answered Micon Downtown Budget Cinema, pat yourself on the back!)

DECI says that the scavenger hunt will continue through at least May 20, both because of its popularity and because of Gov. Tony Evers’ extension of the “Safer at Home” order through May 26. To play, check out Downtown Eau Claire Inc. on Facebook.