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Volume One’s special community coverage of the Chippewa Valley’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is being actively supported by these organizations.

Lasker Jewelers

We will lead with our hearts … Our community is like no other. Our resolve, commitment, determination an values will see us through this time. Let’s resolve to stay together during this time like never before. And while we will be “distanced” let’s do what we have always done…..lead with our hearts. My sister Liz and I are reminded of the stories our Dad would share of the thought times at the store, “Take care of people girls….take care of people”’. We listened Dad. And we will. ~ Nicole Lasker


L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library, Eau Claire

The way the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library has served the residents of the Chippewa Valley has evolved a lot over the last 160 years, but their main focus has always been to help people find the information and resources they need. They are proud to sponsor Pulling Together While Staying Apart to share critical information and keep our community and businesses strong.


Downtown Eau Claire Inc DECI

Downtown Eau Claire Inc. (DECI) - Sometimes it’s hard to articulate why our downtown is the special place it is. Just ask anyone and you’ll quickly see what we mean. You may get a few similar sentiments, but ultimately everyone has their unique explanation. It can involve breathtaking views, picture-worthy art, where to buy the perfect gift, a must-experience dish or drink, a certain event that only happens here, and all the things in between. Countless hardworking people do everything they can to make it a place you have to experience, rather than just explain. Now it’s time for all of us to return the favor in whatever way we can. And once we get through this thing together, it’ll be so good to have you back enjoying Downtown Eau Claire.


University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is a proud supporter of the Chippewa Valley’s cultural scene. While we have to spend time apart during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s crucial to support the artists, musicians, and restaurateurs whose daily efforts make our community a better place to learn, live, work, and play. If we can invest in each other through this time of uncertainty, we will emerge reassured that our community truly stands together—no matter the obstacle.


Wisconsin Independent Network

Social distancing and stay at home can be hard for many of us who need social interaction with others. Forming and keeping connections is more important than ever. At WIN Technology™ we are all about connecting businesses, communities and people through our fiber optic, Internet, data center and webcasting video services. We remain committed to our culture of innovation and in these trying times our top priority is serving you and our communities.  Use technology - stay connected!


Pablo Group

Pablo Group cares less about winning than beginning. Beginning by fostering opportunities that pay fairly and equitably. Beginning by humanizing business through continuous examination of words like inclusive, sustainable, and authentic so they don't lose their meaning. Beginning by leveraging our past good fortune to invest in another's future good fortune. To take a shot on things other than the sure shot. To expand what it means to live in this place. Pablo Group believes beginning becomes winning when their finish line becomes someone else's starting line.


Royal Credit Union

Royal Credit Union is committed to creating a positive impact in the lives we touch, and we’re proud to support this initiative to connect our communities even while we’re physically apart. We’re grateful to be able to serve you with digital banking solutions that make it easy to manage your finances from anywhere, but we also can’t wait to see you in person again! Keep your chin up, Chippewa Valley, and know that we’ll get through this challenge together!


Middle West Management

Middle West Management


Bon Iver

Bon Iver


Evergreen Surgical

The surgeons and staff of Evergreen Surgical have been providing quality general surgical care to patients in the Chippewa Valley since 1981. We believe in supporting local businesses, and applaud the concept of “Pulling Together while Staying Apart.” If we work together, we can survive these difficult days.


Silver Spring

Silver Spring Foods is proud to sponsor the Pulling Together While Staying Apart special coverage from Volume One. Supporting and being there for our community as we work through this critical time is very important to us as we need one another more than ever. At a time of uncertainty we want you to know that providing food to your family remains our top priority. We can do this Chippewa Valley!



Charter Bank

Charter Bank



Chippewa Valley Technical College

At Chippewa Valley Technical College, helping local people and businesses succeed is at the core of our mission. Our college and community are at their best when we promote innovation, collaboration, and the passion to keep learning and growing. During difficult times, we believe it is more important than ever to look forward together. We have. We can. We will.


The Murty Henriksen Family

The Murty Henriksen Family is honored to be part of this important, timely initiative. We believe firmly that artistic, cultural, entertainment, educational and philanthropic organizations form the backbone of a healthy and vibrant community and hope that you will join us in supporting these important businesses and institutions in this moment of uncertainty and need. By coming together now, we can ensure that the momentum and progress that has been building in the Chippewa Valley not only resumes but accelerates well into the future.


The Larry and Marie Past Family


The Dan and Kerry Kincaid Family


Anton and Rae Schilling-Smets


Brady and Jeanne Foust


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