neither pale thoughts
nor hesitant coughing can stop
the coming of winter
    (–Frog on the Bay)

O, what did you say
so deep and appropriate?
I have forgotten
    (–Counting Snowflakes)

how will you know me?
I’ll wear my best shirt and tie
and big appetite
    (–Bird’s Nest)

Two old friends
lean their shoulders together –
empty mailboxes.
    (–Around the Bay)

talking to myself
on another fine winter day
with nothing to say
    (–Counting Snowflakes)

in some little books
a few small words he writes
for worthy readers
    (–Bird’s Nest)

Gary C. Busha received an MA from UW-Eau Claire. These poems from a series of pocket-size chapbooks by Wolfsong Press and are reprinted with permission from the author. For more by and about Gary, visit

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