Charlie Berens Show Sells out Real Quick Once – Ope – Twice!

Briana Novacek, photos by Luong Huynh |

Oh my gosh, Charlie Berens is going to perform at da Pablo Center on April 5! Well wouldn’t ya know, it was the fastest-selling show in Pablo history, selling out in under an hour! So they added a second show in the afternoon, and that sold out, too! Charlie must be a pretty popular guy in this neck of the woods. Anyway, even though you won’t be able to see him at da Pablo unless you already bought your tickets, you can still check out Charlie’s weekly “Manitowoc Minute” videos on YouTube, which often get between 400,000 and 1 million views.

The Pablo says, “In six months he transformed the viral video series into an hour-long variety show selling out venues, sometimes within minutes.” Geez Louise! Anyhoo, let’s talk about who this cool guy is real quick once. Berens is an Emmy award-winning journalist, comedian and creator of the Manitowoc Minute. According to da Pablo, Berens “has been featured on Fox, CBS, Funny or Die, TBS Digital, Variety, MTV News, and more.”

Berens is a Wisconsin native and studied journalism at UW-Madison. His unique blend of journalism styles, comedy, and that perfect Wisconsin accent began when he was hired by MTV to cover the presidential election. After that, Berens hosted on comedy platforms OneMinuteNews and HyperVocal, and the Nightcap show for Tribune Media. Currently he’s on tour with the Manitowoc Minute Live. I hope reading this article was the best minute of your life! Keep ‘er movin’!