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City of Eau Claire Seeks New Writer in Residence

V1 Staff |

Do you have the literary chops to raise the profile of the written word in the Chippewa Valley? If so, consider applying to be the next city of Eau Claire Writer in Residence by the March 1 deadline. The position is filled every two years by someone who “shall seek to raise our consciousness to a greater appreciation and enjoyment of the value and importance of the reading, performance, publication, and writing of literature to the life of Eau Claire and its people.”

The current Writer in Residence is Karen Loeb, whose two-year stint ends in May. Her predecessors include Max Garland and Bruce Taylor. Applicants will be considered by the Literary Arts Committee of the Pablo Center at the Confluence, and then a recommendation will be paid for appointment to the Eau Claire City Council.

Potential Writers in Residence are expected to live or work in the community, have a knowledge of the community’s life, be dedicated to the growth of literature in the community, and are expected to promote literature through speaking engagements, social media, written publications, and other educational opportunities.

To apply or submit a nomination, visit