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Happy “Noon” Year!

Children’s Museum hosts bash for early bedtimes

Lauren Fisher |

Ringing in the new year with a lot of singing, shouting, and fireworks at midnight just isn’t a good fit for everyone.  Some of us like to get to sleep early – and some of us younger folks just don’t have the energy to get all the way to 2020 without throwing a sleepy temper tantrum.  For all those types, there’s the Eau Claire Children’s Museum’s NOON Year’s Eve Celebration. 

With a membership or the cost of admission, kiddos can join in on the New Year festivities with noisemakers, face painting, parachute playtime with confetti, and a Bitty City Clock Tower Countdown.  The party starts nice and early at 10am, and everyone rings in the new year at noon, leaving plenty of time for a few errands before an early bedtime that will have the whole family rested and ready to take on 2020. 

This annual event is a favorite among families with young children, offering all the joy of the holiday with none of the clean-up and way fewer sleepy yawns.  More information about Noon Year’s Eve is available at

Eau Claire Children’s Museum’s NOON Year’s Eve celebration • Tuesday, December 31 • 10am-noon • FREE with membership or with admission of $7 •