Where to Buy, Play, and Peruse

gaming stores throughout the Chippewa Valley

James Johonnott, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

The Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) holds a special place in gaming culture. Whether its a comic shop that hosts card tournaments in the weekends, or a game store with side rooms for role playing games, a FLGS is a hub for gamers of all ages. Most of these establishments host tournaments so check their websites or swing the shop to get a tournament schedule. Any good FLGS will teach inquiring players how to play any of the games they sell. 

D20 Gaming

• 2158 EastRidge Center, Eau Claire • (715) 514-2799 •

A clean, friendly, and welcoming environment that meets your gaming needs. D20 Gaming is owned by Phillip Grant and Savanna Staves. Offering Magic the Gathering singles, sealed product, accessories & tournaments, Pokemon, Heroclix, D&d/Pathfinder books & dice, Warmachine and more.

Clairemont Comics

• 2215 Fairfax St, Eau Claire • (715) 831-2112 •

Buys and sell Comic books, MTG, warhammer fantasy and 40k, and D&D. Featuring 2 large tables for strategy miniature gaming with terrain to use, 32 tables for MTG tournaments, snacks, soda, and free WiFi.

Game Quest Gaming

• 326 Main St E, Menomonie • (715) 235-9353 •

A family-owned game store carrying new and used video games and consoles along with board games, Magic the Gathering supplies, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer 40K and much more.

Games by James

• Oakwood Mall, Eau Claire • (715) 835-3669 •

A local branch of the Minneapolis-based stores for games of all shapes and sizes and age ranges. Everything from jigsaws to dice games, D&D supplies to Magic: The Gathering and beyond.

Gaming Generations

• 4052 Commonwealth Avenue, Eau Claire • (715) 514-5111•

Buys and sells video games of all eras. If you’re looking for an old-school system to play your favorite childhood game, or to clean out your closet, Gaming Generations is here to help. Also sells plenty of gaming themed merchandise, perfect for gamers.

Heroes Welcome

• 424 Main St E, Menomonie • (715) 505-4660 •

Offers comic books, graphic novels, board games, Magic the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Pokemon, Munchkin, Star Wars Destiny and more.

K3 Fantasy & Sports Cards

• 105 N Bridge St, Chippewa Falls • (715) 726-8780 • •

Buys, sells, and trades sports cards and fantasy cards including Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon in downtown Chippewa Falls.

Old School Pinball & Arcade

• 2928 London Road, Eau Claire • •

Eau Claire Games & Arcade has moved and reopened as Old School Pinball & Arcade in Kings Plaza. Featuring 60+ fully restored classic and modern arcade machines, the arcade also has an extensive library of classic and modern video games for sale.

Is your FLGS not listed? If so, we’re sorry! We probably don’t know about it and if you reach out to our listings editor James at he’d be happy to help you. We'll make it up to you by including your information in future versions of this list.