The Long Wait

UWEC Theatre stages production of Waiting For Godot

author & photographer by Nate Cooksey |

 Beckett’s absurdist masterpiece Waiting For Godot will be coming to Riverside Theatre stage in the Haas Fine Arts Center at UW-Eau Claire. Presented by UWEC Theatre, Waiting For Godot is certain to keep audiences captivated until the very last word. The play follows Vladimir and Estragon (DiDi and GoGo for short), two men wandering and waiting in a world they may not understand as much as they would like to believe.

At the end of this wait is promised a meeting with the titular Godot. Along the way, their increasingly dire encounters with an unusual pair of travelers become the center-point of self reflection and further confusion, culminating in an actualization that none of them could foresee. Playing with the idea of set and costuming serving as important of a role as characters themselves, UWEC Theatre’s presentation of Waiting for Godot is sure to be as unique and captivating as Beckett intended.

With their initial showtime beginning Wednesday, Dec. 11 at 7:30pm and running until Sunday Dec. 15, don’t wait and miss your chance to enjoy this two-act existential crisis.

UWEC Theatre presents: Waiting For Godot. When: Dec. 11-15. Where: Riverside Theatre at Haas Fine Arts Center (UW-Eau Claire). Tickets available online at