Paper, Pens, Poetry

memories, love, and longing in S.A. Kriese's new collection

Maddy Mortimer |

Eau Claire writer Samantha A. Kriese is releasing a book of poetry called One Who Plays with Paper and Pens.
Eau Claire writer Samantha A. Kriese is releasing a book of poetry called One Who Plays with Paper and Pens.

Within the pages of One Who Plays with Paper and Pens, her newly published collection, Eau Claire author Samantha A. Kriese captures in ink the beautifully woven words of art: poetry. 

Kriese takes inspiration from Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King, and it shows in her writing. Many of her poems contain dark themes, and she doesn’t shy away from talking about mortality and death. However, in between the darker poems, her lighter pieces shine. She sings of beauty found in nature and beauty sought despite hard times. 

Kriese wants to connect with her audience through her poetry. Not only to inspire creativity, but also to give readers encouragement in their struggles. 

“No matter what darkness they face, there is always hope,” Kriese said. “Eventually the battles that they face will pass, and they will be able to breathe.” 

Kriese writes from the experiences in her own life. In her poetry, she explores childhood memories, shares the struggles and joys of writing, and laments the heartbreak of love and longing. There is also a fictional element to her words. Throughout the more personal expressions, she writes short narratives and fantastical stories. 

Kriese became an avid book reader in third grade and was introduced to poetry in middle school. Fleeting daydreams transformed into beautiful poetry, and writing became an avenue for self-expression. After graduating from college with a degree in English literature, she has continued to write poetry, short stories, and novels. Now that she has published a collection of poems, her next project is publishing a novel. 

“Poetry is the way I express myself as a person, my thoughts, my feelings, and my life as a whole,” Kriese said. “It truly is amazing to see what can be done with a piece of paper and a pen.”

Copies of One Who Plays with Paper and Pens are available at The Local Store. More of Samantha A. Kriese's poetry can be found at