for the living and for the dead

So many different worlds are fenced into a graveyard, rooted deep into the earth, surrounded by our cities and towns, tucked between our fields and forests.

By moonlight, a graveyard is a world of mystery. So many headstones and crypts, so many names and dates, so many quiet little corners. A place of somber shadows and strange statues. But that’s just one world. To those who grieve, it’s another place altogether. A place of tears and memories. And to some the graveyard is a home for touchstones. A place to find strength and solace and hope in what’s to come.

Weaving all these worlds together are the countless threads of history. Because more than anything, a cemetery offers stark proof that people were here before us. And that people will be here after we’re gone.

Cemeteries are here for the living as much as for the dead.

Evergreen Cemetery: Menomonie

Forest Hill Cemetery: Chippewa Falls

Forest Hill Cemetery: Eau Claire

Poor Farm Cemetery: Chippewa County Asylum

Lakeview Cemetery: Eau Claire

St. Patrick’s Cemetery: Eau Claire

Old Tilden Emmanuel Evangelical Cemetery: Chippewa County

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