Claire the Way: Supper club classics meet Asian cuisine at new Clairemont restaurant

Caitlin Boyle, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

Supper Club with a Spin. The ClaireWaters Bar & Restaurant, 2106 N. Clairemont Ave., marries classic supper club fare with Asian cuisine – and they host events, to boot!
Supper Club with a Spin. The ClaireWaters Bar & Restaurant, 2106 N. Clairemont Ave., marries classic supper club fare with Asian cuisine – and they host events, to boot.

Eau Clairians are feeling lucky with the arrival of the new ClaireWaters Bar & Restaurant, located in the former Seahorse Inn at 2106 N. Clairemont Ave. – which also was home to the Local Lounge and 715 Supper Club among others in the past few years.

ClaireWaters pays a winking tribute to The Seahorse by including carved seahorse napkin holders as decorative pieces throughout the main dining area. An event center in a second building on the property will house ClaireWaters Premiere Catering and Events, which will host indoor and outdoor events such as wedding ceremonies and live music. 

ClaireWaters’ general manager, Tria Thao, says people are drawn to all the amenities that are available for those kinds of events to happen. Among these amenities are a full-service bar, patio, bridal and groom suite, and garden area with ponds and a waterfall for guests to enjoy. 

“Our guests really enjoy utilizing our event center because of its close proximity to our ClaireWaters Bar and Restaurant,” Thao said.

Of course, the main topic of conversation will be the restaurant’s unique food and drink items. Thao says the menu features classic supper club staples such as steaks, chicken, an all-you-can-eat Friday night fish fry, and Saturday night prime rib. However, the menu has an Asian fusion twist. Items such as a poke bowl, ahi tuna wontons, and tuna tacos will be a few of the unique items customers can sink their teeth into. The bar menu will also include some classic Asian dishes.

Thao says that because of the diverse team that is on board, the restaurant’s chef has the flexibility and experience to make a broad menu of multicultural dishes.

“We encourage our chef to push the boundaries of the traditional supper club in regards to ingredients, flavor and display,” Thao explained. “For example, he’ll take two to three of his favorite dishes and combine them to make a frutti di mare flatbread.” Thao said the bar manager has a uniquely special Asian Bloody Mary with a panko bluegill slider, spring veggies, tomato, and cheese.

ClaireWaters is striving to bring something new to the Chippewa Valley with its diverse menu and atmosphere. And while many will see it as an Asian supper club, Thao says the restaurant is an American supper club that just happens to be owned by Asians.

“Regardless of our background,” she said, “our overall goal is to create an atmosphere that is a judgement-free zone, relaxing, non-intimidating, but yet full of excitement, fresh, busy, and that has something for everyone.”

Thao says the primary focus is creating something special on the west side of Eau Claire, which is why the restaurant is named ClaireWaters, a reference to its Clairemont Avenue address and Eau Claire’s French name.

“Eau Claire is home to us,” Thao says. “And we’re thankful for the opportunity to infuse our Asian background into our American supper club.”

ClaireWaters had its soft opening a few weeks ago, and will officially open on Oct. 19. To learn more, follow their Facebook page at