Sweet Comfort

Waffle Shack on Water St. aims to cure cravings at all hours

Caitlin Boyle, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

A PAWFUL OF WAFFLES. Get your late-night sweet fix at the Waffle Shack on Water Street in Eau Claire.
A PAWFUL OF WAFFLES. Get your late-night sweet fix at the Waffle Shack on Water Street in Eau Claire.

For many, waffles are a morning staple – a delicious way to start the day with family or friends. One local man enjoys ‘em so much he made waffles the focus of his new restaurant, Waffle Shack, which will open on Water Street in Eau Claire this fall. 

Justin Konwinski is the brains behind the waffles. Waffles bring him back to when he was a kid, hanging out at the table with his family eating breakfast, and that feeling inspired his new business venture. 

“Waffles bring you to a time of no worries.” – local waffle purveyor Justin Konwinski

“Waffles bring you to a time of no worries. They are a great comfort food,” Konwinski says. “We are hoping to create a fun, carefree atmosphere.” 

Konwinski wants his restaurant, 508 Water St., to be a place for college students to come and relax for a while. It will also serve those who are always on the go with a quick meal and night owls with late-night hours. Konwinski says when he was a college student, he always wanted breakfast food at bar closing time, so he is hoping students who unwind on the weekends make Waffle Shack a stop for a late-night treat. 

Waffle Shack will offer customers a variety of unique, tasty items. One item Konwinski thinks will be a possible favorite is a “breakfast brat.” (He is looking for name suggestions!) This item will turn an ordinary waffle on its ear: The waffle will be the bun holding the brat, and it will all be topped with maple syrup. There will be bacon and sausage sandwiches with eggs and syrup as well. 

Another highlight will be the sweet dessert options. Customers will be able to pick what they want on their waffle with a three- or four-step process. The process begins with choosing a syrup – maple, chocolate, strawberry, and/or caramel. Next come the spreads, with peanut butter, Nutella, and whipped cream available. The final step is toppings, and there will be a lot to choose from. On the healthier side, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and apples will be offered. Sweeter options include Oreo, M&M, and Hershey’s. Konwinski is reaching out to the community for input on what kind of waffle they would like to see created. 

Waffle Shack will officially open its doors Oct. 1. Hours of operation are still being determined, but Konwinski hopes to create a company culture where everyone feels they are engaged and empowered and leave the Shack happier than when they came in. 

“I hope it becomes a staple in the town and a great place for families, students, professionals, remote workers, and anyone, really, to come and have a tasty breakfast in a great atmosphere that makes them feel at home,” he says.

Konwinski invites anyone who wants to be involved or may have an inspirational flavor or business idea to contact him on Facebook.