Music Quick Hits | August 2019

V1 Staff, photos by Taylor Smith |

Them Coulee Boys
Them Coulee Boys

Ahead of the Aug. 23 release of their next album, titled Die Happy, Eau Claire’s own Them Coulee Boys have released a brand new single and accompanying music video for the song “Midnight Manifestos.” The video finds the Boys on scene at Whispering Pines Campground – the home of the Blue Ox Music Festival – doing yard work and mowing the fields all while singin’ the bouncy new tune. The band is also planning a big release show here in Eau Claire at the Pablo Center at the Confluence on Aug. 23 where they’ll play Die Happy in its entirety. For more info, go to

Former Bon Iver manager and Chippewa Falls native Kyle Frenette is one of the organizers launching a new politically-driven concert series across the country called 46 For 46: 46 Concerts In 46 Cities to Elect 46. It’s described as a “strategically planned series of 46 unique concerts in 46 different cities in the states that matter most during the lead up to the 2020 election.” The goal is to help launch the Democratic presidential nominee into the White House using the power of music. About the series, Frenette said “Democracy can only work if we all participate. That’s the overarching message we believe in and hope to promote.” To learn more, check out

Even though Eau Claire artist Cait McGarvey recently made a big leap and moved out to Maine, they’re still dropping some stellar and gripping tunes. Their latest, a song called “Don’t Worry Baby,” dropped recently. It references the classic Beach Boys tune and finds McGarvey embracing production for a cinematic and powerful song anchored by their unwavering voice. The song was made and embellished at Sprinter Studios in Eau Claire. Check it out and learn more at

The tireless and prolific Eau Claire rapper known as TeawhYB recently dropped a brand-new music video for the song “Linger.” TeawhYB teamed up with choir teacher Rachael Mcilquham and the students of Eau Claire North High School to create a music video centered around an anti-bullying campaign. Directed by Kyle Lehman, the video depicts a flamboyantly-dressed TeawhYB, strutting happily through the hallway of the High School while actual students mock and bully him. The meaning? Never let someone else break your stride. Check out the video and learn more at

The annual celebration of local bluegrass, the WHYS Bluegrass Festival, will happen Saturday, Aug. 17, at Lake Altoona County Park. Artists performing this year include Olive Sings, No Man’s String Band, Woodland Spring, the Seeger Boys, the Lowest Pair, and more. It’s always a great time, and a great kubb tournament, surrounded by great tunes. To get tickets and learn more, go to