Local Landmark May Become Tavern

Nathan Hopp |

Kaiser Lumber Co. office.
Kaiser Lumber Co. office at 1004 Menomonie Street

Eau Claire is a city home to many historic buildings and landmarks, including the Carson Park Baseball Stadium, the Chippewa Valley Museum, the Barnes Block, and many beautiful Victorian-era homes. However, one iconic landmark at 1004 Menomonie St. may experience a new era as a family-friendly pub. On April 15, the Eau Claire Plan Commission approved a permit allowing the building’s use as a tavern. Nestled along 10th Avenue and the end of Water Street, this red brick structure was built in 1905 as the Kaiser Lumber Co. office, which was considered one of the last remaining lumber companies established in Eau Claire. As the timber industry slowly died down in the Chippewa Valley, this building remained as a testament to the Kaiser Lumber Company’s influence in the region. Eighty years after the founder’s death, the building is in the hands of current owners James and Christie Rolbiecki, whose plans to turn it into a restaurant coincide with other potential developments nearby, including the proposed Sonnentag Event and Recreation Center further down Menomonie Street. Prospects and clientele for the restaurant will also include customers from the Hobbs Ice Center, who may include hockey players, skaters, and fans looking for a good meal after the big game. “Though it will have a small kitchen, the tavern will serve food such as soups, sandwiches, chicken wings, and burgers,” Brian Nodolf, the owners’ attorney, said in a Leader-Telegram article.