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Sprinter Studios Is Dashing Ahead With “In-The-Box” Recording in Downtown EC

Eric Christenson, photos by Kyle Lehman

Kyle Culver
Kyle Culver

The space on the second floor of a downtown Eau Claire church is quickly transforming into a creative hub, due in part to Pablo Properties’ coworking space CoLAB neighbored by the newly opened Ivy Creatives space owned by Alak Phillips and Kyle Lehman. There’s lot of cool creative stuff happening up there from film to photography to design to any number of creative ventures. Tucked away in the Ivy Creatives space is a brand new recording studio operated by local musician and producer Kyle Culver called Sprinter Studios. Eau Claire doesn’t lack for spots to crank out tunes, but with Sprinter, Culver is doing it a little bit differently. With his many years in the band The Millenium, Culver has cultivated a keen sense of digital production – all “in the box,” as they say. Most studios record everything into mics and amps, but at Sprinter, it’s a computer driven and highly efficient way of doing it. “The plugins I’ve got are insanity,” Culver said. “You can do everything from drums to a full orchestra. The possibilities are endless.” For a relatively quaint space, artists can lay down bafflingly huge sounding records, and that’s the way Culver wants to make his mark here in Eau Claire’s music scene. He can do commercial recording, and he can help younger artists establish their sound with a few clicks and a lot of energy. Where other studios might focus on rock, folk, blues, and country bands, Culver’s digital flexibility gives him the opportunity to help singer songwriters, rappers, and pop singers come into their own. “That’s the specialty here,” he said, “making songs bigger.” Culver’s already getting lots of artists in the space and creating, but there’s always room for more. To learn more and figure out how to book your session, check him out at www.facebook.com/sprinterstudios

Lasker Jewelers
Lasker Jewelers

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