A New Mysterious Installment in David Tank’s Secret Santa Series

Rob Reid |

The second book in David Tank’s Secret Santa series is out in time for the holiday season. The author himself will read from his book at the Volume One Local Store and other locations in December for folks thinking of adding a good Christmas story to a loved one’s stockings. The book, Secret Santa: The Mystery of the Magic Watch features Abby, a seven-year-old girl, and her eleven-year-old brother Sam, who time-travel with their friend Nick to New York City in the Roaring Twenties. When Abby gets lost, Sam and Nick follow her trail, foil a bank robbery, and learn the secret of Harry Houdini’s greatest magic trick. Tank was inspired to write the first book, Secret Santa: The Mystery of the Stereoscope, when he received an antique stereoview card (an old-style 3-D format) that showed a thin, ill-suited Santa wearing an obviously fake beard. He wanted to know the story behind that picture: who was the guy and why was he dressed like Santa? In the book, Amy and Sam receive the same stereoview card and set off on an adventure looking for that guy, time-traveling to 1893 where they meet Nellie Bly and Nikola Tesla. A number of readers contacted Tank and asked what Sam and Abby would be up to next, and that led to the second book. At his presentations, Tank will do more than simply read from his book. He will take a fun look at Santa Claus then & now:  a celebration of all things Santa. How did Santa’s appearance change throughout history? Who exactly was St. Nicholas? Did he always travel by reindeer and come down a chimney? What did Coca Cola and Montgomery Ward have to do with our image of Santa? There will be pictures, stories and songs. Tank will even bring along some Santa suits so participants can take their own pictures dressed as Santa instead of the usual pictures with Santa. The program will be for kids, parents, grandparents and anyone else who believes in the spirit of Santa.