Visual Art

Sketches, Sculptures, & Now Wine at 200 Main

Catey Leonardson, photos by Taylor Smith |

Just off of Graham Avenue tucked away on the corner is the quaint 200 Main – a charming art gallery that invites whoever is looking for a place to revel in art without restrictions.

Jo Burke and Terry Meyer, the owners of the space, spent the summer honing in on their goals for the gallery, as Graham Avenue was under construction and they naturally didn’t get much business during that time. It was the perfect opportunity to re-examine what they wanted to do with their business and how they wanted to see it progress, and they applied for a liquor license.

The introduction of a self-serve wine dispenser system was the best addition that they could’ve made to launch their space to a new level. 

They have eight wines to choose from, and you can decide on a 1-ounce taste or a 3- or 5-ounce glass. There is no need to wait for anyone to bartend for you, which is one of Burke and Meyer’s favorite features, since it doesn’t detract from their ability to interact with patrons and engage in conversation. Jo and Terry want their place to be an all-inclusive space where people don’t feel pressured to buy anything in order to appreciate community art.

The introduction of wine allows people to mingle and chat with something to sip on and breaks down the social barriers of feeling like you must purchase something in order to be there. They want 200 Main to be a gathering space where all sorts of events will occur, whether that means hosting a musician or a poetry reading. They desire to cultivate a civil conversation on topics of art, community, and culture, and their future events will showcase this.

200 Main Gallery - Art & Wine is open Wednesdays through Saturdays from noon to 11pm. You’re sure to find one of your favorite new hideaways in our beautiful, growing city.