Bringing Their Words to Life

local authors of the Valley read live at the Pablo

Rayna DeJongh |

the power of the pen. Members of the Chippewa Valley Local Authors, shown after a group meeting last summer, will take part in a “Local Authors Live” event on Nov. 25 at the Pablo Center.
The power of the pen. Members of the Chippewa Valley Local Authors, shown after a group meeting last summer, will take part in a “Local Authors Live” event on Nov. 25 at the Pablo Center.

Chippewa Valley Local Authors will host Local Authors Live in the Jamf Theater at The Pablo Center on Sunday, Nov. 25, from 1:30-4pm. Authors Jim Alf, Bill Callaghan, Daniel Cavanaugh, Julie Court, Lynn Denhke, Patricia Hawkenson, Marian Hersrud, Dennis Miller, Steve Nelson, Sandra S. Stanton, and Jodie M. Swanson will come together to offer their literary expertise in a series of meet-and-greets, readings, panels, and book signings. In four segments, the event will provide a visual literary experience for local aspiring authors, followed by a reception in the lobby where attendees can mingle with local writers.

Chippewa Valley Local Authors is a community organization that consists of approximately 20 local authors who aspire to increase the livelihood of writers in the region. Representing a wide variety of genres, the CVLA transcends literary demographics by encouraging developing writers to complete, print, and publish their works of literary art while simultaneously creating a network of experienced authors. Existing authors involved with the CVLA are given the opportunity to expose their creative works and increase their book sales within a series of local literary events. By continuing an intimate relationship with the local community, the CVLA has fostered the growth of literary art in our community.

CVLA founders Jim Alf and Dennis Miller will share their experiences with the rich history of the Chippewa Valley. Miller recently released a new book, What Happened to Brian? It’s a story of a 52-year-old Uniroyal worker, Brian Chandler. Miller worked as an electrician in the curling department of Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Company for fifteen years. After ordering a Coke at The District last spring, he heard an Eau Claire local ask what Uniroyal was. Astonished, Miller took his words to paper to mark the 76-year history of Eau Claire’s largest manufacturing facility and its lasting effect on the community. Uniroyal may have been one of 50,000 factories to close between 1990 and 2015, but its legacy lives on through the pages of Miller’s book. A trailer for What Happened to Brian? will be featured during the Author Introductions and Individual Video Book Trailers segment of Local Authors Live.

Alf – co-founder of the CVLA and author of When the Ferries Still Ran – tells the story of his adolescent experience as a ferryman for the Caryville Ferry from 1950 to 1956, with the aid of his father and brothers. After multiple of requests, Alf has given numerous presentations on his childhood experiences. Years of encouragement led Alf to write his story. When the Ferries Still Ran is the complete history of the Caryville area and the ferries that floated on the Chippewa River for 54 years.

Local authors Julie Court, Lynn Dehnke, and Bill Callaghan will share their experiences with spirituality, touching on topics of personal transformation that appear in their books. These authors use their literary work to encourage a life of productivity, inner peace, and joy within the struggles of daily life. Court, a motivational author and speaker, will expand on the seven phases of transformation and six superior mindsets that drove her to a life of wholeness and freedom. Author of Raised with Praise: How My Parents Made Me a Happy Soul, Callaghan, will discuss the challenge of raising children in a positive light, teaching parents to be proactive and not reactive.

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