Grab a Drink, Catch a Film

Pablo Center introduces film screenings with specialty cocktails

Catey Leonardson |

Classic Christmas movie Die Hard screens at the Pablo on Dec. 19
Classic Christmas movie Die Hard screens at the Pablo on Dec. 19

The brand-new Pablo Center at the Confluence is launching a movie and cocktail series that is sure to be a hit! Films are lined up through spring of next year, boasting titles that are all over the board in genre and era. The films will cost $7 per person and be screened in the Jamf Theatre from 7:30-9:30pm, with special cocktails for each event inspired by the film on screen. The series kicks off this week on Halloween night with Young Frankenstein, a fitting film for the day’s spooky festivities. Next week, The Manchurian Candidate is the film of choice on none other than Election Day. Die Hard is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year so it was the clear choice to show this Christmas Eve set thriller on Dec. 19. January will be the busiest month, chock-full of films with one on every Saturday except the last. Starting with The Thin Man from the 1930s on the 5th, the month will feature three different crime movies that become more contemporary as the month goes on. Jan. 12 is Fargo, our favorite Minnesota-based ’90s thriller, and Jan. 19 is The Magnificent Seven, based in the Wild West. My personal favorite by far  is The Princess Bride, which would be the perfect option for a Valentine’s Day date night. Reservations are open now on the Pablo Center website.