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Annual Ink & Paper Sale Fills V1 Gallery With Prints

Rayna DeJongh |

Volume One Gallery, 205 N. Dewey Street, downtown Eau Claire
Volume One Gallery, 205 N. Dewey Street, downtown Eau Claire

The Volume One Gallery and The Local Store will be once again be hosting one of its favorite annual events, the Ink & Paper local print sale. Ink & Paper will feature more than 500 pieces of 2D, printed artwork from over 100 local artists. Screen prints, woodcuts, mono-prints, and other print forms – including digital prints of photos, illustrations, and more – are all a part of the show, and local artists get paid for the pieces they sell. The 65 days of Ink & Paper will raise thousands of dollars for talented local artists, while simultaneously offering them an opportunity to share their work with the community. Don’t miss the Ink & Paper opening reception on Friday, Nov. 2, from 7-9pm, along with an all-day sale. Whether you’re looking for some creative stimuli, holiday gifts, or something for yourself, Ink & Paper will offer you an affordable fix with some local charm. For more information on Ink & Paper print sale, visit

Ink & Paper: A Gift-worthy Local Print Sale • Nov. 2 through Jan. 5 • opening reception 6pm, Friday, Nov. 2 • Volume One Gallery inside The Local Store, 205 N. Dewey St., Eau Claire • FREE •