Primary Elections (Aug. 14): Here’s What You Need to Know

V1 Staff, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Surprise! If you hadn’t already noticed the yard signs, there’s a primary election just a few days away: on Tuesday, Aug. 14, to be exact.

In Wisconsin, partisan elections are held in even-numbered years, and on Aug. 14 primary voters will select their parties’ nominees for (among other things) governor, state Assembly and Senate, and U.S. House and Senate. (The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 6.)

Unsure of who’s on your ballot? The easiest way to find out is surfing over to myvote.wi.gov, punching in your address, and selecting your preferred party to get a full list of contenders. (Remember, you can only vote on one party’s ballot in a primary.) Not sure where to vote or whether you’re registered to do so? On the same website, click on “My Voter Info” and enter your name and date of birth. If you’re not registered, it’s too late to do so online, but you can still visit your municipal clerk’s office through Friday, Aug. 10, or even at the polls on Election Day.

Remember: You’ll need a valid ID to vote; if you’re not sure you’ve got the right one, visit bringitwisconsin.com for details. Get informed, then vote!