Club Lakely: Local restaurant gets Old Fashioned for supper club series

Lauren Fisher, photos by Joel Pearish |

Nathan Berg, executive chef at the Lakely, remembers going to supper clubs for dinner as a child.  It was a slower affair than dining out often is today.  It wasn’t about a quick bite before moving on to the next bit of fun.  “When you went out to a supper club, dinner was your entertainment for the night,” he said.  The Lakely is breaking out the taxidermy decor for 10 days dedicated to recreating this nostalgic Wisconsin experience Jan. 12-21.  Since supper clubs vary by case, the staff has collaborated to design their dream experience complete with live music, relish trays, and traditional surf-and-turf entrees with a locally sourced spin.  Ice cream drinks are on the menu for dessert, along with a special cocktail selection.  Some servers will even assume old-fashioned pseudonyms such as Eileen and Robert as part of the performance.  Reservations are recommended to attend these dinner services.  

After the 2017 Chippewa Valley Restaurant Week, where the Lakely offered an adapted menu, Berg realized the ability of dining establishments to transform temporarily to offer more specialized, inspired menus and environments.  He applied this concept to the Supper Club project, and views it as a fun experiment concerning the capabilities of local restaurants.  “I’ve never really heard of a restaurant turning into a different restaurant for 10 days, and that part is what has me really excited,” he said.  Berg hopes that, should this event prove successful, it will inspire other local businesses to explore new options for providing a unique, entertaining dining experience.

The Lakely Supper Club Celebration • The Lakely at The Oxbow Hotel • 516 Galloway Street • Jan 12-21 • 5:30pm • Call 715-839-0601 for reservations •