Warm the Winter with Some Sci-Fi Scares

Emily Kinzel |

For those who channel Jack Skellington more strongly than Santa Claus, here’s a film event right up your alley. The Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild presents a unique ’50s-inspired sci-fi flick with a plot typifying a Twilight Zone episode.

Creator Christopher R. Mihm bestows the gift of Demon with the Atomic Brain, featuring Chippewa Valley actors Mandy Tietz and Mike Cook. A high-tech invention goes horribly wrong. Oh, no! A machine created to open portals to other worlds rips a hole in space and time, which threatens to destroy the universe as we know it. A brave few dare to enter the increasingly dangerous alternate realities, in an effort to repair the damages caused by the weaponized machine.

Can they do it? Join the crowd at the Grand Theatre, 102 W. Grand Ave., on Sunday, Dec 3. Doors open at 6:30pm and the film runs from 7-9pm. Admission is $10, with tickets available at the door. Proceeds will go to the CVTG.

Mihm and cast members will be strutting the red carpet afterwards for pictures and autographs, or just to hang out. For a sneak peak of the upcoming film, visit Mihm’s website, Witness hilariously low-budget special effects, corny lines, and dated dramatics in this locally produced satire.