Talks Diversity

Building Identity

Samantha Kobbs |

For many people, the topic of race relations is one that is avoided. But Professor Tim Lensmire of the University of Minnesota doesn’t mind talking about the taboo, awkward, feud-inducing elephant in the room. In fact, he’s publishing books about it.

Some might worry that texts on white privilege will be overly academic or disconnected from the lives of working-class whites. White Folks shows otherwise. It uses the personal stories of eight small-town Wisconsin residents to explore how identity is built in these communities. For those who are still grappling with the idea of white privilege, this book will help make sense of it all without causing guilt or self-loathing.

On Saturday, Dec 9 at 3pm, Lensmire will visit the Volume One Gallery to share excerpts, answer questions, and sell + sign copies of White Folks.