Bluegrass on Badger Takes Music to the Streets

Emily Kinzel |

The musical talent seems to be coming out of Eau Claire’s ears, as a local neighborhood prepares to host a bluegrass porch concert on the Eastside Hill. The traffic on Badger Avenue will be blocked off, allowing music lovers get back to their American roots enjoying a down-to-earth symphony of banjos, guitars, and mandolins with friends and neighborly company alike. Organizer Joshua Rizzo said it’ll have a “casual community and neighborhood feel” and added all walks of life are welcome. Passersby are welcome to set up lawn chairs and blankets throughout the block, and are invited to participate in a good ol’ game of kubb or bean bag toss. The featured band includes Rizzo himself, his father, and two brothers performing on Rizzo’s front porch. Rizzo admits he has never attended a “porch concert” himself, but is excited to be a part of creating “such a unique venue.” The porch concert will be a bluegrass experience separated into two sets with the promise of another pending band. “Meeting new people in a different environment will be something to look forward to along with hope of good weather,” Rizzo said. To top things off, Gordo’s Food Truck will be set up supplying attendees with delicious Mexican eats. So take part in this friendly musical event, as Rizzo encourages, “Take the time to get to know your neighbors and celebrate local community.” 

"Bluegrass on Badger" will be held at 1903 Badger Ave. on Thursday, May 25 at 6pm