Friendly Revolution

Christian music legend Smith and friends to play Zorn

Marie Anthony |

Michael W. Smith
Michael W. Smith

I still remember that feeling. It was as if the sun was kissing my neck and slowly wrapping its warmth around my heart. Barely out of kindergarten, I couldn’t tell you what exactly gave me that sense of peace. But I could tell you that it was that feeling that enveloped me every time I heard Michael W. Smith’s “Friends” filter through the speakers of my mom’s boombox. On April 30 that same peace will meet the residents of Eau Claire as the lyrics of Michael W. Smith’s most poignant songs fill UW-Eau Claire’s Zorn Arena. The Revolution Tour will take us through some of the most memorable moments of Smith’s Grammy Award-winning career and will feature hits such as “Place in this World,” “I Will Be Here For You,” and – yes – “Friends.” The night will bring us so much more than chart-topping hits from Smith. Concert attendees will also be blessed with the musical talents of Dove Award-winning artist Jordan Feliz whose song “River” landed at the top of Billboard charts for several weeks. The Revolution Tour will also feature the talented artist Nathan Tasker. Each of these artists have had careers that celebrate everything from critically acclaimed albums to successes built upon faith and God. With a blend of musical styles and lyrical messages built upon faith, strength, love, and power, this night will surely blanket our hearts in peace and remind us that “a lifetime’s not too long to live as friends.” 

The Revolution Tour with Michael W. Smith • Sunday, April 30 • 7pm • Zorn Arena, UW-Eau Claire • Tickets $18.50 to $29 ($50 for VIP) •