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Amorous Broadway Comedy to Premiere at The Venue

Hannah Mumm |

History evolves into modernity in Venus in Fur, a contemporary theatrical interpretation of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch’s eponymous 1870 novel. The book revolves around Sacher-Masoch’s fetishist obsession with pain; the term “masochism” is from his surname. Venus in Fur is laced with seduction and taboo fantasy, but the play transcends simple carnality. “The show is so much more than sex and S&M,” said director Jake Lindgren, whose two-actor production of Venus in Fur is set to premiere this month in Eau Claire. “It’s about power dynamics between a man and a woman.” The plot, carefully crafted by ingenious playwright David Ives, is a conscious inception. There are only two characters in the story: Exasperated playwright/director Thomas Novachek and raunchy, uncultured actress Vanda Jordan. Novachek is seeking actresses to play the protagonist in his new production. After a long day of awful acting, Vanda strolls in, swearing and demanding an audition. Somehow, she convinces Novachek to give her a chance, and he assumes the voice of the male lead. As Vanda sucks him into the false world he created, he becomes entirely immersed. The line between diegesis and reality is blurred, the power of director over actress reversed. Find out how Vanda asserts her dominance at The Venue (located within The Plus) April 13-15.