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downtown art store moving and opening spin-off shop

Haley Wright, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

Tangled Up in Hue co-owners Jamie Kayser and Erin Klaus stand in the store’s new space, 505 S. Barstow St.
Tangled Up in Hue co-owners Jamie Kayser and Erin Klaus stand in the store’s new space, 505 S. Barstow St.

Tangled Up In Hue, a downtown Eau Claire staple for locally made objects of art, is expanding its space and offerings with a new, larger location at 505 S. Barstow St. At the same time, its owners are opening a new bead, yarn, fiber art, and art supply store called Blue Boxer Arts in Tangle’s current location, 416 S. Barstow St.

“Because the space is large and open, there are so many new events that we will be able to be part of and host.” – Erin Klaus, Tangled Up in Hue co-owner

Erin Klaus, who co-owns Tangled Up In Hue with Jamie Kayser, said the move was inspired by the store’s success and desire to expand while staying close to its roots. “We have been at our current location downtown for eight years now and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else,” she said. “That is why we’re only moving a block away! When we first opened our doors to downtown, we never expected to have such a positive response so soon after opening, but it seemed like people had been waiting for a shop like ours to open up in Eau Claire. We quickly grew to showcase and support the work of 100 local artists as well as feature product that (Tangled staff) design and hand-make.”

Klaus said the move to a new, larger space for Tangled Up In Hue seems like a natural expansion. It will allow for larger and changing displays as well as for the store to feature work by more artists and community events around local artists. “The new location will allow for us to take on more artists and also to accept more artistic mediums. It is much, much bigger, allowing us to expand our gallery options for artists. Instead of just showcasing art from our monthly featured artist on our gallery wall, we now have space for between seven and 10 smaller collections by artists (framed wall art, painting, photography, etc.) which will change out quarterly. We are in the processes of building all of our displays (tables, shelving, stage, etc.) and we are making them all mobile, allowing us to change out our floor plan to easily adapt and create space for different art-related events, classes, speakers, readings, and performances.” Additionally, Klaus said, “This space give us a greater opportunity to work with artists, but it also allows a better opportunity to partner with other local businesses. Because the space is large and open, there are so many new events that we will be able to be part of and host.”

Blue Boxer Arts was inspired by the staff at Tangled Up In Hue getting multiple inquiries about where to buy art supplies in downtown Eau Claire, and realizing there was an unmet need for students and others centered around downtown. Its name is an homage to a very special employee at Tangled.

“Blue Boxer Arts is set to open as soon as possible after we finish moving Tangled,” Klaus said.”We have plans to be open by summer of 2017. Blue Boxer Arts is a tribute to Emma, my 12-year-old boxer, who has been an employee of Tangled since we opened. Emma has been a dedicated store greeter for years and now in her old age will sadly be retiring soon. We wanted a way to commemorate her and thought it was appropriate to name the store after her. Blue Boxer Arts will be primarily a bead and jewelry supply, and yarn and fiber art supply store. We will be carrying fiber products from a variety of local vendors. We hope to add a line of general art supplies to the store by 2018. It will be a work in progress, and we are open to any suggestion people have as to what products they’d like to see in the shop.”

Klaus said there will be classes offered at both locations shortly, many of them scheduled already. “We plan on carrying products that directly relate to the classes we host as well as hope that Blue Boxer Arts and Tangled Up in Hue inspire people to be creative and perhaps encourage young budding artists to follow their artistic passions,” Klaus said.

To learn more about the happenings at Tangled Up in Hue and Blue Boxer Arts, check out, and don’t miss the grand opening of the new Tangled location at 505 S. Barstow St. from 6-9pm Friday, April 7.