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Valley Authors Will Nurture Nature at Reading

Hannah Mumm |

John Hildebrand
John Hildebrand

If the Chippewa Valley is not on your list of prettiest spots in the U.S., it’s time to update. Sure, Wisconsin winter weather may not always be fun, but you won’t find icy stalactites hanging from historic Victorian homes in San Fran. And perhaps Eau Claire isn’t as majestic as Yellowstone, but a drive through snow-draped pines on the outskirts of town is every bit as beautiful as a drive through the Rockies’ snow-capped peaks. It’s no wonder that art and literature born in the Chippewa Valley is often laden with rich natural imagery, references, and themes. Local authors B.J. Hollars, John Hildebrand, Steve Betchkal, and Dr. Kathie Schneider will attest to the influence nature and the environment can have on art; their own works are deeply rooted in ecological experiences. The four unite to support ecological preservation and learning in “Nature Nurture: A Celebration of the Arts and the Environment” at 7pm Tuesday, Feb. 28, in the lobby at the State Theatre, 316 Eau Claire St. The writers will read excerpts from their creative works about nature in the Midwest, extinct North America birds, and more. An audience-led Q&A panel will follow. “Nature Nurture” presents an opportunity to band together to honor the world around us and its impact on the art we create. Tickets, which are $10, can be purchased at; all proceeds will benefit the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center and the Chippewa Valley chapter of the Sierra Club.