Speedy Local Pizza Dude Keeps His Eye on the Pie

Katie Robertson |

Most people who have worked for a restaurant would tell you that lunch and dinner rushes can get a little chaotic. But for Nick Kotecki, a staggering stack of orders poses no problem. With 11 years of pizza-makin’ practice at various Topper’s Pizza locations under his belt, Kotecki recently earned a trip to Topper’s nationwide pizza prep contest for his lightning-fast dough-slinging skills. This opportunity presented itself after he won a regional competition between 11 Wisconsin locations of the chain, and now he will be facing off against 10 other competitors who are the best of the best out of the 74 Topper’s locations from all over the country. For the competitions, the participants start with six balls of pizza dough, each of which they need to turn into large pizzas with just the right amount of sauce on top in as little time as possible. Kotecki has worked his prep time down to an astounding 1:45, which means he is neck and neck with last year’s national winner. This isn’t the first time that Kotecki has made it to the final round, but he feels determined to come out on top this time around. The championship will take place in Orlando on June 14.