Even More Stacked: Creative Menomonie eatery expands beyond late-night

Rebecca Kilde |

EXPANDED EATS. In addition to serving up specialty cocktails at its new Happy Hour, Stacked serves up tasty fare such as bacon-wrapped hot dogs (above).
EXPANDED EATS. In addition to serving up specialty cocktails at its new Happy Hour (below), Stacked serves up tasty fare such as bacon-wrapped hot dogs (above).

Spring is always worth celebrating in Wisconsin, so my daughters and I wandered over to Stacked in downtown Menomonie to check out their brand new Happy Hour. The first thing we noticed was a new expanded dining room with cozy seating and a small bar tucked into the back. The brick walls, wood trim, and chartreuse accents feel friendly and refined at the same time.

The menu has expanded, too. The anchors of the popular late-night menu – crab cakes, deep-fried rolls, and loaded mac and cheese bites – have been joined by sandwiches and gourmet hot dogs. Weekly specials have included ceviche poutine, risotto croquettes with lemon butter, and truffle Parmesan sweet potato fries with red wine aioli. It’s a menu that evolves and changes, like their new lunch offerings.

The Wisconsin flatbread sandwich we ate was packed with flavor, cheese curds melting into pork with a nice crunch from the coleslaw. The crab cake wrap had the delightful crispiness of expertly fried and seasoned crab cakes, complimented with fresh vegetables and creamy cucumber sauce. If you love hot dogs, there are a lot of choices here, from a dog topped with kimchi, lime slaw, and Sriracha to a Plain Jane hot dog.

Dessert was a plate of sweet morsels: deep-fried berry crepes and Indian doughnuts, which we especially liked.

Also new was a fresh and creative cocktail menu. I sipped on a Cucumber Breeze featuring Fugu Vodka and Few American Gin, while the girls got a fizzy ginger drink. “We developed the cocktails with the same level of care as our food menu,” said co-owner Stacy Gregerson. The Sloe Gin Fizz is not too sweet – it’s pleasant and balanced – and is served with a cluster of red grapes. The Golden Fizz looks like sunshine in a glass, citrusy and bright. The shelves are stocked with craft spirits, and the drinks highlight the unique and varied tastes of the small-distillery revival.

The popularity of this late-night venue surprised Gregerson and Tosha Larson, the other co-owner. “We grew really fast,” Tosha said. They’d been planning to expand in the next couple of years, but when a liquor license became available recently they decided to jump at the opportunity. It was a big jump! Based on the consistent quality of their food and service, and the great new drinks menu, it looks like they made a solid landing.

Stacked has creatively done a lot with very little, and they acknowledge their supportive community’s role in their success. So what’s next? “We get that questions a lot,” Stacy said. “We’re looking at Saturday Happy Hour this summer. And we love brunch!” The liquor license was a major step in making that happen, but it’ll take time to develop the menu and other details (although they offer hints about Scotch quail eggs and fried chicken or Cajun waffles). They’ll continue to introduce people, mixing it up with a comfortable and communal atmosphere. They’ll include a kids’ table so kids are comfortable there, too. “We want it to be beautiful and feel good,” Tosha said.

Watch this space! A restaurant this inspired is worth celebrating.

Stacked Eatery • 617 S. Broadway St., Menomonie • Prices: appetizers $2-$6.50, sandwiches and rolls $5-$9, desserts $2-$4, booze $6-$11 • Hours: lunch Thursdays and Fridays, 11:30am-1:30pm; Happy Hour Thursday and Friday 5-9pm; Classic Late Night 10pm-2:30am. Watch for expanded hours and special events at • (715) 309-4877 •

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