LIST: Local Community Gardens

check out the Chippewa Valley's community gardens

Nikki Lanzer |

Chippewa Valley residents are whipping out their shovels, rolling up their sleeves, and getting down in the soil this season to brush up on their growing expertise. With at least 10 community gardens available throughout the area, there’s an opportunity for everyone to get involved in the rising communal planting trend. Whether you’re looking to rent a personal space, tend and maintain a shared plot, or simply volunteer alongside fellow gardeners, there’s a location tailored to your needs. So as the snow thaws and life begins to poke from the Wisconsin dirt, don’t miss the chance to join a local garden and contribute to the flourishing natural world.

Chippewa County

Chippewa Falls: Marshall Park (Bridgewater Avenue)
Bloomer: Mayo Clinic Health System (Duncan Road)

Contact: 715-726-7950, ext. 5
Sign-up deadline: April 15
Community gardening opportunities are offered through the Chippewa County UW-Extension to residents of Bloomer and Chippewa Falls. The Duncan Road location leases 10’ by 20’ plots for $20, and the Marshall Park location leases 12’ by 24’ plots for $20 to Chippewa Falls residents and $30 to non-residents. Gardens will be ready for use by early May. Plot availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications may be accessed on the UW-Extension website and should be mailed or dropped off at the Chippewa County UW-Extension office at 711 N. Bridge St., Courthouse Room 13, Chippewa Falls.

Eau Claire

Demmler Park Neighborhood Garden

Location: Jefferson Street (Third Ward)
Contact: •
Sign-up deadline: April 14
The plots at Demmler Park are created to give residents space to maintain personal gardens and to foster a collaborative effort among the individuals who tend them. Options for communal gardening are also available for those not seeking to rent. 20’ by 20’ plots are a $25, and 20’ by 10’ plots are $15. Applications can be found on the Third Ward Neighborhood Association website.

Forest Street Community Garden

Location: Forest Street
Contact: (715) 495-2451 • •
The Forest Street Community Garden offers both shared and individual plots to those looking to hone their growing skills. Shared gardens cost $20 for individuals and $30 for families in addition to volunteer hours. Individual plots are $35 for a single section or $60 for a double. The garden focuses on providing community members with the tools to grow, use, and share their own produce. With a close partnership with Community Table and other nonprofits, the garden is able to donate thousands of pounds of food each year. Application materials are online.

Jeffers Road Community Garden

Location: Jeffers Road
Contact: •
Sponsored through the Eau Claire County UW-Extension, the community garden on Jeffers Road offers individual plot rental and greenhouse space. 20’ by 45’ plots are available for $35.  Those interested in rental should inquire at the UW-Extension office at 227 First St. West, Altoona. Application materials and information will be available soon.

Community Youth Gardens

Location: North Riverfronts Park (Forest Street) and McDonough Park (Centre Street)
Contact: 715-839-4712 •
Just like the adults in the community, children are invited to get their hands dirty. The free gardens sponsored through the Eau Claire County UW-Extension are located at North Riverfronts Park and McDonough Park. School-aged kids are welcome to participate in the program during the summer months.   

Lakeshore Park Community Garden

Location: Broadway Street
Contact: (715) 833-0550 • •
Lakeshore Park Community Garden offers 14-16 plots for the 2016 season. The 15’ by 15’ spaces are available for $25 with a reduced rate for low-income families and individuals. The Historic Randall Park Neighborhood Association operates the location and provides hoses and water hookup to renters. Community Table donation encouraged, but not required.

Southside Community Garden

Location: Golf Road
Contact: •
Over 24 plots are available for rent at the Southside Community Gardens. 10’ by 20’ plots are $25 and 20’ by 20’ plots are $35 with reduced rates for low-income families and individuals. The gardens are enclosed by a 9-foot deer fence, and water and hoses are provided to renters. The site plans to feature a greenhouse and tool shed in the future with further funding.


Menomonie Community Garden

Location: Ninth St. East
Contact: (715) 232-1328 •
Sign-up deadline: April 15

The Menomonie Community Garden will offer more than 100 plots for lease this year. Full-size 20’ by 25’ plots are available for $25 and half-sized plots are $15. Renters have access to water, fencing, tilling preparation, and a composting bin. Garden opens May 1. Registration information and application materials can be found online.