Visual Art

Ghosts & Gunpowder

artist’s new show uses explosive media

Nikki Lanzer |

Local artist Ashley Harrington is stepping outside the cookie-cutter canvas and saying goodbye to pencil and paint. When it comes to her creations, Harrington steers wide and clear from the status quo. The UW-Eau Claire graduate instead enjoys experimenting with a vast array of unusual media – such as gunpowder, spices, and soot – and getting creative with innovative techniques. “Ghosts,” an exhibit of pieces that showcase the artist’s unique style, is on display now at the Volume One Gallery through the end of April. And as the artist continues to refine and develop her preferred methods, she finds that being open to trying something new is the best way to stay motivated. “Experimentation for me is key,” Harrington said. “I find new techniques to keep me entertained and play around with finding new, unique ways to create different effects.” Apart from her individual art strategies and approaches, Harrington also gives ample consideration to the subject of each piece. With a full-time job, Harrington’s role as an artist often takes a backseat to her other responsibilities. But even when life gets in the way of pursuing a new big project, Harrington always finds a way to feed her passion. “I am an incessant doodler,” she said. “I find myself constantly drawing, whether it’s in my sketchbook or on paperwork.” Perhaps one of those notepad scribbles may just wind up on display at the artist’s next gallery show.

“Ghosts” by Ashley Harrington • On display through April • The Local Store and Volume One Gallery • 205 N. Dewey St., Eau Claire