Starting from the Bottom

author offers encouraging words for those struggling

Haley Wright |

Local author and motivational speaker Julie Court has recently published Incredible Life Makeover, a step-by-step guide to making over a person’s life. The book is filled with stories, quotes, thoughtful insights, and prayers to help guide readers as they overcome whatever adversity or ailment plagues them and transform into their best selves.

“The book is important because many people do not know how to healthfully deal with unmet needs, unhealed hurts, or unresolved issues, and they end up stuck in bad relationships, wrong thought patterns, or wasting years of their lives blaming others,” Court said. “We only live once. It is my goal to live with an eternal purpose and leave a legacy that builds other people up whenever I have the opportunity.”

Incredible Life Makeover can be very personal at times, detailing her difficult upbringing with an abusive stepfather, her adult life, the decisions she made along the way, and how she was enlightened and turned onto the right path.

“I have known pain and loss; I know what it feels like to fear a loveless future. I am now happy and whole. It is my privilege and honor to encourage others who are interested in hearing what I have learned along the way.” Court reports the tools in the book are real, useful, and that she herself used the tools in the book through her own recent divorce to finally resurface at peace with things.

Incredible Life Makeover is broken up into two parts. Part I covers the seven phases of transformation. Part II covers five freedom goals to focus on while progressing in the journey toward success.

The book has multiple uses. It is a great tool for bringing up ideas to talk about in book clubs or to work through as a life/small group or on your own. Court also said pastors and faith-based counselors may find it to be a simple guide to present to those needing help. Court believes the tools in the book can be used by both Christians and those who don’t identify as Christians; the tools are universal. Court is presently teaching (and available to teach) Incredible Life Makeover seminars and has received very positive feedback from participants.

The book is available at The Local Store. You can also pick up an autographed copy and talk with Court personally at any of the following events: Caffe Tempo in Eau Claire will be hosting a book launch party and signing on Feb. 21 from 4-5:30pm, and on March 19, Court will be speaking at the Women’s Breakfast at the Fall Creek Evangelical Free Church beginning at 9am.