Blue Angels Say Valley's Airshow Flew the Highest

Tom Giffey |

Last summer’s Chippewa Valley Air Show was pretty awesome – but don’t just take our word for it. The U.S. Navy Blue Angels –- the incredible aerobatic team that performed in Eau Claire over the Independence Day weekend – has chosen the event as its Air Show of the Year. That’s high praise, considering the Blue Angels performed in nearly 40 air shows, from Florida to Hawaii, during the 2015 season. “The Chippewa Valley Air Show personified what it meant to plan and execute a safe and successful air show. We were overwhelmed with the amount of planning and professionalism they demonstrated,” said Lt. Joe Hontz, the Blue Angels’ spokesman. “This is the way air shows should be organized.” Air show organizers were honored to receive the award, said Matt Hill of the Chippewa Valley Chapter of the Boy Scouts of America. “This is a testament to the dedication and commitment to excellence that our volunteers displayed throughout the entire air show,” he said. Proceeds from the air show, which was held July 4-5 at the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport, benefited the Boy Scouts and other nonprofit groups.