Visual Art

Think Small ... Really Small

Nikki Lanzer |

It’s the little things in life, right? This fall, one art exhibit hopes to showcase all that is small in the world of creativity. The Think Small art show opened at Accola Gallery (502 Second Ave. East, Durand) in early October and will run through Nov. 21. The idea for the exhibit came from gallery owner Jean Accola, who made a proposal for western Wisconsin artists to come up with creations of specified dimensions. Their works were limited to 5 inches by 7 inches for two-dimensional art and 27 cubic inches for three-dimensional pieces. Works include wood engravings, silk paintings, multimedia sculptures, and more. “Small art is accessible for all people; a great way to begin an art collection,” Accola says. “It can be a personal treasure to cherish filling the smallest spaces.” For more information, contact The Accola Gallery at (715) 672-8188.