She is sick
in the street again
Kneeling before
store front churches
vacant juke joints
No one is keeping
score anymore
She drained all my fluids
with her twin cities kisses
She was kind
enough to leave
a note
Medicine shows
with midways as long
as city blocks
I told her not to
buy it
but she bought it
She let go
of the edges
Stopped reaching
for safety of sidelines
She stopped
worrying about fitting in
Sun shining through
dense trees
Knee-high socks
her braids swing
She explored patches
of woods to find
the best ferns
Heart-shaped leaves

Mark Berriman, a former UWEC student, is the author of four poetry collections. He currently serves as the Publisher of the Stillwater Gazette and The Stillwater Gazette Valley Life. More about Mark:

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