Youthful Spirit

13-year-old pens fantasy novel, plans two sequels

Allison Puestow, photos by Andrea Paulseth

SHE’S GOT SPIRIT, YES SHE DO! Emily Page has published a novel, The Spirit Realm, and she’s just 13.
SHE’S GOT SPIRIT, YES SHE DO! Emily Page has published a novel, The Spirit Realm,
and she’s just 13.

A pair of twin sisters, Amira and Alicia, are plunged into the Spirit Realm – a place of stolen souls and a war over their fate. They are taken in by a group of people fighting to save the entrapped souls. The sisters discover that they were born with incredible powers, able to control and create practically anything. Those on the other side of the war senses the twins’ power and will stop at nothing to get them. Will one of them change sides? Can they free the imprisoned souls?

Sounds awesome, right? Well, that’s the basic synopsis of The Spirit Realm, the first book in a planned trilogy written by Eau Claire native Emily Page. But get this: She’s only 13 and in seventh grade. I know you’re speechless.

“People are pretty surprised,” Page said. “They’re like ‘That’s amazing!’ ”

Added her mother, Kari Rawn: “We weren’t super surprised because that’s kind of an Em thing, but at the same time she was 12 (when she started writing). We weren’t real sure if she would follow through, but we thought ‘That’s pretty cool,’ and we told her, ‘Yeah it would be cool.’ ”

But how, you’re asking, does one write a book at such a young age? Simple. It all starts with an idea. The idea for her story began the summer before sixth grade, and then she started writing. Although the story didn’t hit her right away, Page said, “Once I had the idea, it became ‘I wanna write this!’” From there, it was just one word at a time. Whereas most kids are obsessed with this video game or that TV show, her mother said that Page preferred books.

“She has always loved stories and words and has always loved to write stories,” Rawn said. “Everyone at family functions would say, ‘Yeah, she’s going to be a storyteller one day,’ ”

Not only did Page write the book, she also took on the responsibility of getting it published.

“It’s been 100 percent her. She did all the research on publishers. She explained the contract to us because she had read a book about what they would be asking and offering, so she knew the lingo better than we did. Marketing we helped with a little bit because, you know, she’s 13, but the rest has been her. She’s a very driven child; always has been.”  

Her book is available as a paperback or download at Amazon.com, where so far it has received positive reviews. Page said that she was really pleased when she saw the awesome ratings. And she’s not stopping any time soon. The editing process is nearly complete for the second book in the trilogy, and once the trilogy is finished, Page plans on writing more.

“I’m constantly writing and would like to do more,” she said. “I’d like to major in maybe English or literature when I’m at college.” A girl after my own literary heart.