It's Time to Write that Novel (in just one month)

Dustin Hahn

Are you ready for National Novel Writing Month? This annual challenge began Nov. 1 and runs through Nov. 30. In that time, participants are tasked with writing a novel of at least 50,000 words. That means writing 1,667 words per day to finish on time! NaNoWriMo is truly a mental and physical challenge, and without support it could very well become a struggle for sanity as well. Lucky for Eau Claire participants, there are weekly “write-ins” (think support groups) to attend. Write-ins are noon-2pm Tuesdays and 5-7pm Fridays at Infinitea Teahouse, 112 E. Grand Ave. Participants can register at, even after Nov. 1. Once they are signed up, aspiring novelists can view helpful resources and keep track of their word count. Writers can also connect with fellow Eau Claire-area participants for support, encouragement, ideas, and connections to help them finish their novels in just a single month. So don’t fret, because whether you’re a beginning or veteran WriMo, with a bit of determination, social support, and most likely a caffeinated beverage or two, you can take down National Novel Writing Month with ease.

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