Visual Art

This Ain't Your Grandma's Silver Service

Barbara Arnold |

Kevin O’Dwyer, international silver artist, has been described as an “alchemist” when transforming silver into objects of art and fashion. A solo exhibit of his work runs through Dec. 14 at UW-Stout’s Furlong Gallery. Bracelets, boxes, teapots, and vessels will be featured. O’Dwyer will kick off his show with “A Sparkling Party” lecture and a two-day workshop (for details, see the listings on Page 19). Raised in Ireland and Manhattan, O’Dwyer’s work reflects his upbringing: Imagine combining a Celtic cross with a skyscraper. His honeycomb bracelet exemplifies jewelry that is in his words is “a simple, elegant complement to the human form.” Likewise, his tea sets are light, airy, and fun, such as the Madhatter or Mardi Gras teapots. Collectors from around the world include Nelson Mandela, President Bill Clinton, and the Japanese imperial family. To learn more about the exhibit, call (715) 232-2261.