Yep, That Pauly Shore is Coming to Town

Sarah Bodeau |

Pauly Shore is not dead. He’s out of the Army, he’s done with jury duty, and he has finally seen the Leaning Tower of Cheeza. These days, Shore is doing stand-up in intimate club settings throughout the Midwest. Shore, who began his career appearing in TV shows like 21 Jump Street and Married With Children, first hit it big with the 1992 stoned-age movie Encino Man. On Monday, March 25, Shore will be bringing his dudespeak-infused brand of comedy to Whiskeys Grill and Bar in Altoona. Whiskeys currently hosts a comedy night every Wednesday, and by bringing in Shore, they are becoming one of the Chippewa Valley’s main purveyors of comedy. You won’t want to miss this chance to see the Weasel in action. You may even want to bring your son-in-law.