Strumming with the Pines

Minneapolis folk band meanders into the Heyde Center

Tuesday Wustrack |

Described by Rift Magazine as “haunting yet comfortable,” the music, lyrics, and videos of Minneapolis-based The Pines embody a variety of emotions from happy and calm to scared and creepy. This is especially prevalent in the indie rock/Americana band’s latest album, Dark So Gold. According to the band’s website, “From the haunting opening track ‘Cry, Cry, Crow,’ The Pines conjure up rural specters and ghosts from the farms slowly disappearing throughout their native Midwest.” Despite the somewhat frightening vibe, this album also contains fun, upbeat songs such as “Chimes.” The Pines’ music has been surfacing to the public more and more through publications such as Rolling Stone, The Star Tribune and Dark So Gold is The Pines’ third album and was issued by St. Paul-based Red House Records. The two previous albums are Sparrows in the Bell (2007) and Tremolo (2009). Along with founding duo David Huckfelt (vocals and acoustic guitar) and Benson Ramsey (vocals, guitars and keyboards), Dark So Gold features a seven-piece band including Alex Ramsey (keyboards and vocals), J.T. Bates (drums), James Buckley (bass), Michael Rossetto (banjo), and Jacob Hanson (guitar). Learn more at