Local Music to Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

Tuesday Wustrack |

An Eau Claire band may be one of the most selfless music groups out there. Alternative rock group picard announced that it will donate all proceeds from its newly released single “One Moment” towards Alzheimer’s disease research. Because original member Jason Ulwelling’s grandmother is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, he and his bandmates wanted to do something to help. “As a tribute to her and her children, the song was written and recorded specifically for that reason,” he says. Currently, the band has not decided which organization to send the funds to. However, it is easy to see that Ulwelling and the rest of picard are not aiming to be rich and famous musicians. This is evident in the name of the band itself. “The name will always be lower case as it is lesser in value to the music,” Ulwelling said. “This is to ensure the music takes precedence.” To learn more and to listen to “One Moment,” go to or